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Despite Sub Saharan Africa having a significant portion of the world's fertile land, farmers in the region rarely achieve profitability and commercial scale. Our solution supports farming operations across the entire value chain while increasing farmer's connectivity with key stakeholders.

What we do

agronomy research

We work with academia and agricultural experts to support expertise provided to farmers. With threats to farmers like; soil degradation and climate change we are constantly developing a more efficient farming process. And providing you with techniques like fertiliser microdosing and swarm robotics.

soil testing

With data on the farm like soil composition and weather, we complete detailed analysis of the resources the farmer needs like; fertilizer or animal feeds. With data specific to your farm, Farmz2U provides tailored agricultural expertise that can increase yields with a more profitable harvest.

precison agriculture

Using farm data and hardware like; soil sensors and drones, we automate decision making for you. With historic data and regression analysis you can view trends in your location or value chain and make better decisions. ‘The past does not predict the future’ but can help you avoid the same mistakes!

sales aggregation

You shouldn’t just farm to feed yourself, but to feed society. So, Farmz2U’s aim is to help you increase sales and get to commercial scale. With partnerships with buyers like FMCG companies and distributors, we guarantee the sale of your produce. Your harvest must pass the quality assurance tests.

Our Solution

farming management platform

We provide a suite of features that inform a farmer on 'what to grow', 'when to grow' and 'how to grow'.
Using crowdsourced methods we support farmers' key operations, ensuring farming methods are sustainable and optimise produce yield. With better yields, farmers can harvest more, increase sales and maximise profits.

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